About Us

We’re here to make sure you don’t need us.

It might sound strange for an accounting software specialist and IT consultant to say, but it’s true. We exist to build self-sufficient companies.

And when we do our jobs well—by providing the tools and training it takes to manage accounting software and systems—our clients learn to take care of themselves.

We’ve been operating under this philosophy since 2003, when our founder, Sue Coady, felt it was time to offer more helpful, more efficient and more affordable services than the accounting and consulting firms in which she had worked. She wasn’t using her talents to their full extent, and she knew she could do better for her clients.

That’s how we started, and we’ve grown by working with business owners and IT managers, helping their small to midsize companies get greater performance out of their information and software systems.

We’re IT partners who help you learn to work on your own. And if you think you can’t afford that type of consultation, you just may find our services end up paying for themselves.